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Employer Identification Number for filing Form 2290 HVUT

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E-filing Form 2290 is available now! Form 2290 filing allows the truck holders to file federal tax returns and extensions with expedience. Experience hassle free filing and submit 2290 returns with accurate speed with us! Receive the IRS watermarked Form 2290 Schedule 1 within minutes.

Start filing Form 2290 returns for the tax year 2022-2023 online

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How to e-file HVUT Form 2290

E-file Form 2290 using Form 2290 filing which is authorized by the IRS to process the highway tax payments safely and securely. Start filing the Form by signing up with us providing email address, phone number, and create a password to access the e-file account. Feel secure because the information provided in our site is secured and accurately transmitted to the IRS within minutes. Pay the road tax electronically using debit/credit card, EFTPS, EFW, or through check or money order. When the IRS accepts the 2290 tax payments, it immediately sends back the Schedule 1 to the registered email address

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When to choose e-filing Form 2290

As per the IRS guidelines, the truck owner must choose to e-file Form 2290 when paying road tax for more than 25 heavy vehicles. Paper filing Heavy Vehicle Tax returns is possible when the trucker registers less than 25 heavy vehicles. As we know, paper filing consumes more time and involves the risk of error filing. To overcome these issues, e-filing is the best way to pay 2290 tax and register the heavy vehicle to use on public highways through IRS Form 2290. E-filing provides an instant audit check before submitting the forms to the IRS and minimizes errors to reduce the risk of penalties. Additionally, the truckers can file 2290 tax returns electronically irrespective of device, place, and time. Compared to paper filing, e-filing depletes the stress by standing in the queues at the nearby IRS office to collect the form manually.

Here's How You File Your Heavy Vehicle Use Tax 2290 Online Filing With Us:

  • Create Your Account

    Step 1: Log in or register a new account with us—it only takes a few minutes!

  • Enter Your Business
    Truck Informations

    Step 2: Enter your trucking and business details, from your EIN to your VIN.

  • Transmit to the IRS

    Step 3: After we verify your details, the next step is to transmit your HVUT Form 2290 details to the IRS.

  • Get Stamped Schedule 1(Proof of Payment)

    Step 4: In less than 15 minutes, you’ll know your filing status! Once the IRS accepts your 2290 Online Filing Form, you’ll receive your stamped Schedule 1 in minutes via email.

Summarize HVUT return annually by calculating taxes using 2290 tax calculator online

Get rid of over paying tax dues! Calculate Heavy Vehicle Use Tax annually using a free Highway Tax calculator. Enter the vehicle details, First Use Month of the vehicle and find out how much tax you need to pay to the IRS in a tax year.

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How online filing 2290 returns with Form 2290 filing works?

  • Bulk upload:E-filing 2290 returns with Form 2290 filing allows the truckers to upload bulk amounts of information at a time. The filers can feel ease to upload the vehicle information with less effort. Information is stored safely even the truck owner uploads a bulk amount of vehicle information.
  • Reduces paperwork:Compared to paper filing, e-filing Form 2290 with us reduces paperwork. Additionally, it consumes less time to fill out and submit the form to the IRS. E-filing 2290 tax return forms are submitted to the IRS in correct format with less time and effort.
  • Customer support:Our customer support team will help to solve the queries raised when filing IRS Form 2290. We have provided U.S. based customer support to answer your questions via email, chat, and phone. Furthermore, the first-time filers can easily file 2290 returns with step-by-step guidance. Along with this, we have provided 24*7 filing service where the truck owners can file form at any time.
  • Multiple access:Online filing forms using an authorized e-file provider like us helps the truckers by providing multiple access with a e-file account. With a single signup with us, access multiple filing options. File 2290 Form for multiple vehicles and store the information with our record keeping software.

Sign Up with Form2290filing.com and File 2290 Form Online:

As an IRS trusted e-file provider, we secure the information with a 256-bit security encryption software. Restore the filing history at any time online by reducing the risk involved in manual record keeping.

E-filing is the fastest method of paying truck tax and filing Form 2290 to the IRS within a few minutes. !

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Frequently asked questions

What is EIN?

An EIN is a unique identification number allotted to the individual who operates business in the U.S. territory. It is used to identify the type of the business and place where the business is located. Every business individual requires EIN to open a business account, apply for a business license, and file the taxes.

Requirements to get an EIN

  • Legal name of the business.
  • The mailing address, street, country, and the state where the business is located.
  • Name of the responsible party.
  • The type of the business entity you are requesting an EIN.
  • Reason for applying for an EIN.
  • The date you started the business.
  • First date on which the wages were paid.
  • Information about your business’s main activities.

How is EIN differ from TIN?

EIN is used for identifying businesses and TIN is used to identify taxable individuals in the U.S. these are used for identifying and reporting purposes, but the difference lies in the circumstances in which the number can be used.

What happens if you don't provide an EIN on Form 2290?

When the truck owner doesn’t provide an EIN on 2290 tax form, the Form will be rejected by the IRS. Every trucker must have an established Employer Identification Number to file the form. If you are filing online through an e-file provider like Form 2290 filing, you will not be able to proceed to further steps.

Can you use SSN instead of EIN to file Form 2290?

No, SSN cannot be used for filing 2290 Form instead of EIN. If it happens, the IRS may reject the Form you have filed and paid truck takes. You can only file the Form using an EIN.

Hurry up! File HVUT 2290 Form early with an IRS authorized e-file provider and get IRS stamped Schedule 1 instantly.

Form 2290 filing is authorized by the IRS which allows the truck owners to pay road tax online with secure payment methods.

Save the time by e-filing 2290 returns quickly to the IRS and reduce the stress involved in paper filing. Online filing reduces paperwork, manual filing mistakes, and much more. With accurate speed submit the form to the IRS within the deadline.

Say Hello! To the update method filing 2290 tax returns to the IRS. Instantly get the proof of Heavy Vehicle Use Tax payment from the IRS to the registered email address.

What is IRS Form 2290 EIN?

  • EIN is a distinctive nine-digit number allotted by the IRS. The IRS uses EIN to identify business individuals who file various tax returns. It is also known as the Federal Employer Identification Number. Make sure that the first two digits in the EIN are separated from the remaining seven digits. An EIN gives detailed information about the type of the business, business operations, and the type of the corporation.
  • For instance, if a truck owner uses heavy vehicles on public highways, then the trucker needs to file Form 2290 to operate businesses on public highways. For filing a 2290 tax return form, the truck owner needs to register the vehicle by providing EIN. The Employer Identification may look in the below format:
  • 12-3456789. In this, the first two digits are separated from the remaining seven digits. Hence, the EIN provided is in a correct format.

Who is eligible to apply for an EIN to file Form 2290?

Given below are the eligibility criteria to apply for an EIN to file Federal Form 2290:
  • The business individuals who are applying for EIN must be a U.S citizen.
  • To receive an EIN the business needs to be located in the U.S.
  • The person applying for the EIN must have their own Taxpayer Identification Number which may be Social Security Number.
  • Business entities such as LLC’s, sole proprietorships, non-profit organizations, corporations etc can apply for EIN.
  • Even an organization with a single-member ownership is eligible for EIN.

When do you need EIN?

Given below are the circumstances in which you require a EIN:

Open a bank account:
When you open a new bank account for the purpose of paying payments related to business using bank routing number and account number, you need EIN. Banks need an Employer Identification Number before opening a business bank account.

Apply for business licenses:
Before granting permissions to an individual to operate business EIN is must and sure. The operations of the business, type of the business can be identified with the help of EIN.

Paying taxes:
To pay federal and state taxes, the Employer Identification Number is useful. The IRS checks whether the taxes are paid by the individuals who operate taxes or not using EIN

Changing ownership:
When you’re working along with a partner and operate a trade using heavy vehicles and suddenly need to change the ownership. Then you need EIN to change your partnership to single-member ownership.

How EIN plays a major role in filing Form 2290?

According to the IRS, EIN is important in filing IRS Form 2290. The 2290 Form is filed by the individual who carries out business on public highways. EIN helps majorly to identify the business operations and in registration of heavy vehicles. In the below situations EIN plays a dominant role:

Filing Form 2290:
When you purchase a heavy vehicle to use on public highways, you need to file Form 2290 and pay road tax. Without an EIN you cannot file and pay federal taxes to the IRS.

Claiming refunds for suspended vehicles:
When you are required to claim a credit for suspended vehicles or suddenly your vehicle falls under this category, you need to file Form 2290 Amendment. To file an amendment returns, you need to enter the details of the business i.e., EIN, VIN, gross weight of the vehicle. EIN helps the individual in multiple ways.

How to apply for an EIN for Form 2290?

In four different ways you can apply for an EIN which is required for Form 2290:

The easiest way to apply for EIN is through online. Visit www.taxidein.com to apply for a new EIN online. The service is available for all the individuals who operate business or trade which is located in the United States.

Complete Form SS-4 in PDF application and fax it to the appropriate fax number by providing your fax number. A fax will be sent back with a new EIN within four business days when you provide your fax number.

Complete the Form SS-4 in PDF format and mail it to the IRS address. You’ll receive the assigned new VIN within a few days. The details will be mailed back within four weeks.